Injection technology

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  DermaxgelTM creates a satisfactory appearance for you by expanding the volume of soft tissue. Most consumers can tolerate the pain caused by injections; those sensitive to pain can receiveice compress or surface anesthesia before treatment to relieve the pain.



  DermaxgelTM, a modified sodium hyaluronate gel for injection, is produced with hyaluronic acid (HA) as raw material via fermentation which can effectively avoid the risk of transmitting animal-borne diseases.During the production of DermaxgelTM , HA molecules are modified to the minimum extent so as to keep the good biocompatibility of HA and resist the degradation caused by free radicals, temperature, hyaluronidase etc. to HA at the same time, prolonging its remaining time in the body. After being injected into the body, DermaxgelTM will combine with soft tissue tightly, expanding the volume of the injected area to reach the effect of facial modification via physical filling. Since DermaxgelTMcan be metabolized to CO2and H2O as the original HA in the body, it will not cause any residue or side effect DermaxgelTMis known for its safety and long-lasting effect. It’s observed that over half of the consumers receiving filling with DermaxgelTM injection in nasolabial fold still showed obvious modification effect 15 months later. The modification effect and lasting time of DermaxgelTM injection is closely related with the structure characteristics and tissue tension of the injected area, injection depth, injection techniques, and the age and life style of consumers. If you want to obtain a long time effect, a reinjection is recommended before the effect of the previous injection disappears.


  When using DermaxgelTM to fill nasolabial folds, doctors are suggested to inject it in the middle to deep layer of dermis.commom injection methods for dermal filling


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